Creative Art by Louise Ryley 
Welcome. I am a creative artist living in rural Shropshire, England. I paint in oils and enjoy painting both flowers and portraits! I hope you enjoy browsing. If you would like to commission a painting please contact me via the contact page.
  1. Mint Peony
    Mint Peony
    Oil on canvas
  2. Blue Lilly
    Blue Lilly
  3. Study
  4. Grace Study
    Grace Study
I love painting and I especially love painting people's portraits and also huge flowers in oils! I am lucky enough to live in the beautiful Shropshire countryside and take alot of inspiration from the flowers in my garden.

I began painting portraits when I wanted to capture my children on canvas. I started taking lots of digital photographs of the whole family but I found that they somehow didn't capture everything. So I began to paint! I had studied art and design to degree level many years ago but always thought that I should keep illustration out of my career, as I loved it so much, I didn't want it to be spoilt by work pressures.

I now love oil painting and try to capture a real likeness to my family portraits. I like to use vintage style colours too but I am happy to paint to match your interior design if needed. I try to give a softness to childrens' paintings to emphasise their delicate nature and capture their spirit. I am also inspired by the old master's techniques and find that painting a grisaille underpainting gives the most natural looks.

The garden is my other passion and I plant plenty of roses and peonies for me to paint at later dates! I usually take digital high resolution images I use a Canon 5 mark lll for this. I find taking pictures early on a morning in the garden you can capture beautiful light. I think it is known to professional photographers as the Golden hour!